Desert Veterans of Wisconsin Financial Support Request

The Desert Veterans of Wisconsin is committed to supporting local organizations, veterans and current serving members of the U.S. Armed Forces.  Much of our funding comes from individuals and corporate donors, but the majority is raised by our members who volunteer at fundraising events throughout the year.

In order to be accountable to all of our members, supporters and donors, a donations committee has been established to review all financial assistance requests before being presented to the membership for discussion.  All requests are voted on at a regular membership meeting held the last Wednesday of each month.  Requests must be received at least one-week prior to be considered that month. 

NOTE:  For personal assistance, the requester must have an “Honorable” discharge or be currently serving in the Armed Forces.  Must include a copy of your DD-214, NGB-22 or current Military ID Card with the request (blackout SSN).  NO EXCEPTIONS.  The proof of service will be destroyed when the donation request is closed.